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Welcome to my babydevelopmentneeds.com website. Living in quite a largeabout me family gives you insight to what it feels like to be a part of a child’s life, to know they look to you for comfort and the precious feeling when their tiny little hands grab your finger. Watching my little cousins, nieces and nephews grow made me realize the passion I have for helping children.

Instead of limiting it to just family, I took my passion and turned it into my life and what I do. My job – even though it does not feel like a job but a lifestyle because I enjoy it so much – is taking care of kids, one family with three little boys to be specific. You could basically call me a full time nanny. Actively engaging and focusing on the needs and development of the boys.

I get to create a bond and long-lasting impact in their lives knowing that they have my back and I will have theirs.

I am not a worker, I am a family member. That is what has me at hello! every single time.

A Little About The Why

Why create babydevelopmentneeds.com? Here is a little window into my “Why”

In the past few years of taking care of children I have realized that each child is unique, each child needs to be carefully thought and taken care off. I have been surrounded by children that have had trouble with their development, ADHD issues and temper tantrums. Yes, every child has temper tantrums but these were unique and different. Doctors offered advice yet we were still stuck and clueless. We felt helpless and tried everything we could think off.

We resorted to diet changes, exercises, trying different products and even doing nothing at all but nothing seemed to work. Thousands of dollars later we were still at square one.

Exhaustion, confusion, stress, feeling lost and clueless are all familiar emotions.

In experiences like these, I realized I need to help parents by sharing the knowledge I have learned whether it be easy day to day challenges or complications, because raising little ones is not an easy task and definitely not short term.

There is hope.

Much of the content I will be discussing here will be centered around improving your child’s development and how to deal with many challenges along the road of your child’s growth with product reviews of what could be beneficial to your child as he climbs the infamous age ladder.

A Little Reminder

Despite the challenges we face as parents, social workers, nannies, family members, etc. There is nothing more precious and beautiful than a little baby and the most important goal of babydevelopmentneeds.com is to help give parents the best advice and children the best care they deserve to help them reach their full growth potential physically and mentally because there is nothing more satisfying than watching your child become a healthy and intelligent being.

Here’s to healthy babies and happy parents,


Founder of babydevelopmentneeds.com

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