Common Causes of Delayed Speech in Toddlers

By now, you have probably figured out that your child is growing but have not started talking or babbling any words yet. Still, you are second guessing yourself, is it still early? Should your baby be talking by now? I mean, the other kids are already mouthing sentences. First, let’s clarify whether your child is at the appropriate age or if your are overreacting – as most people do, myself included for sure. Then, we can move on to look at some causes of delayed speech in toddlers.

When should your baby start talking?

I have a pretty good theory that babies start talking the minute they pop out, I am sure they have a lot to say about the tiny room space to sleep in and the food mommy was eating. No tip for your mommy.

Before I side-track a little too much let’s get down to business.

By the time your baby reaches the one-year mark your baby will start to recognize different sounds and try to imitate them by sounding out letters and babbling a lot. Babbling a lot of letters that will not make sense to your right now but this is their first attempt of communicating valuable knowledge to your. A+ for effort.

It does get better. By age two, your baby will start developing language receptive skills. These are skills that enable your baby to comprehend what your are saying and sort of act it out or show that he knows what your are talking about. A great example would be that your ask your toddler to point to his nose and he does it.

By this age, your toddler will also be able to say two word combinations such as “baby smiling” or “baby crying”. Your child will also be able to communicate his feelings a lot better, if he is hungry for example. I will tell your, they are great at telling your when they’re mad at your. I quote, “I mad”.

You have to give them credit for being cute though.

Now that we have that pinned down and your’re quite confident that your toddler’s speech is delayed, let’s look at what could be the common causes.

Why is your baby not talking yet?

There are many reasons why your baby could be delayed in speech but, I am going to pin it down to 5 causes.

4 of which being the common reasons your baby’s speech has hit a red light.

  1. Slow learner – 3 kids later..or a lot of google research later..I am sure we have discovered that, as mentioned in some of my other posts, all children are different. This is the most common cause and it is perfectly normal that your child may be a bit slower to grasp the speech concept than other kids around him or his age. This is easily fixed with extra care and attention to teaching your child and speech therapy will help too. Your child will soon get comfortable talking and catch up to speed in no time.
  2. Hearing loss– developing a loss of hearing is shockingly easy. All it takes sometimes is catching a cold and your child could get an ear infection. This could affect your child’s hearing therefore lessening the ability to hear how words sound to repeat it which in turn slows down your child’s ability to increase their vocabulary.
  3. Struggling with communication – Your child may know exactly what he wants to say but may not know how to express it better instead of using every day words. This could result in delayed speech because your child is frustrated and struggling to express his feelings in the way he wants too.
  4. Tongue Tie – I am sure your have heard this one before. A tongue tie is when the tongue does not have enough flexibility to move around as certain words and blends need to be pronounced correctly. This is results in a huge delay in speech and blends especially if a tongue tie is not detected as soon as the baby is born or in the early months before any speech recognition and attempts can be made by your child. Because of this, your child will struggle a lot with blends such as “lk” “br” “gr” etc. for words like milk. grass, brown. You will need to consult with a doctor in this situation.
  5. Development disorder – this is not common but, I took the liberty to add it in to create awareness that things like cerebral palsy and autism does exist. Because your child does not possess extreme autistic qualities does not mean that it couldn’t be there subtly. It would be best to check in with a doctor and speech therapist to confirm whether this may be case.

Communication is an essential element, no matter which form it comes in. It is needed. Delayed speech can be worked on and the sooner your get working on it the easier it will be for your child to effectively communicate. Younger children are able to learn and grasp knowledge easier than older kids, so with the right remedies your child will be on his/her way to great communication skills before your know it and your can cross one stressor off your list.

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  1. Oh! this is a heart-warming website, the image of the child is so cute that makes me smile.
    I was there 20 years and my two daughters are grown-up now. I still remember their first word “a- ma then suddenly ma–ma” and in a couple of days different words.

    My first daughter talks early not even one year old and my second I think after a year.
    All children are different even they are siblings. Unless if they have disorders as you mention.

    Thank you so much for sharing,

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