How to Teach Your Baby to Walk – First Steps

  1. The wait is almost over and your baby is reaching the age where he/she should start walking. Oh wait, but there’s more. Now it is all about not missing your baby’s first steps, so how about you be the one to teach your baby to walk. That way you have front row seats to your baby’s major accomplishment.
  2. Bouncy Baby – A great way to prepare your baby for walking is to sit on the floor and hold your baby up and let him/her bounce on the floor. You can even have your baby on your lap, whichever is more comfortable for you. This will help your baby feel confident about standing on his/her feet. The more you do it the more your baby will be at ease and attempt to do this on their own. Make it fun, make funny faces and talk to your baby – this encourages your baby to do it more. Practice makes permanent.
  3. Walking Rings – Walking rings help babies move their feet, this helps to develop their little tiny feet and legs to make them stronger. Sort of like baby exercise. It also boosts confidence and fun. Your baby will be like “hey these feet actually get me places, lets do more!!”
  4. Baby, get up – Have your baby stand on his/her own in front of you. Make sure there is nothing around that could hurt your baby because, your baby will fall. The best place to do it is on the carpet. When your baby falls encourage him/her to stand up by themselves or hold their favorite teddy or toy above them and encourage them to stand up and grab it.
  5. Baby’s first steps – By now, your baby should be excited and confident to start walking. Stand your baby on one side of the room and quickly run to the other side. Now cheer your baby on to walk towards you, if you want you can hold up a reward for your baby to come and get. Again, your baby will fall. If it is safe and you see that your baby is fine do not run to his/her aid. Let him/her get up on their own and continue to walk toward you.

Speaking from experience, this definitely works and it is really fun! I especially enjoyed being the cheerleader and when he finally took his first steps it was the best moment on earth. It should feel like the best moment on earth so make sure you make a big deal out of it and make sure your baby feels that you are celebrating him.

Rewards, celebrations and really emphasizing your child’s achievements go a long way. It makes them feel better about what they are doing and really gives them that confidence boost. They start to believe in themselves and begin to reach for higher levels in their development.

One more thing, before I leave you to teaching your baby to walk. Remember your baby will be walking soon – and even climbing, that means he/she will be able to reach those toys you put up on the kitchen island or should I say those kitchen utensils.

So, that being said. Happy hunting for higher places to set sharp objects and important things.

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  1. Aww, this is such a cute article! I have a 1 year old and she started walking at 11 months, now she is running around everywhere. I will definitely be checking your website for more updates on her development and learning more about the things that I can do to help her succeed! Thanks for the great information!

  2. Hi, fun post.

    Great information, good to remind us about how fast they grow and start walking. So being safe is a good thing. By baby proofing our homes or should I say toddler proofing by putting dangerous things higher up.

    Was wondering what Walking Rings are?

    1. Hi Cindy

      A walking ring is an explorer that a baby is able to sit in and move around by using his/her feet. It is great to build the baby’s leg muscles and motivates her to go around more and eventually try it on her own without the aid of a walking ring.

  3. You have made some wonderful and easy to follow suggestions. Playing ‘Bouncy Baby’ is a great bonding opportunity for the child and parent and/or carer. In addition, the child develops the muscles they need to be able to walk. Can you tell me about how children develop the balance needed to walk?

    1. Hi Catherine

      Thank you for reaching out. Much of the balancing involves the vestibular system and anything a baby does work toward developing their muscles. There are also exercises you can do to assist your baby in preparing for those precious moments. You can check out Improving your baby’s balance for more information on the Vestibular System and a few exercises you can try.

  4. I enjoyed reading your article on How To Teach Your Baby To Walk – First Steps. There’s a lot of helpful and interesting information.

    I thought the Walking Rings were cool. I have never heard of these. I think I will buy the Walking Rings for my grandbaby to help her move her feet and also it will help her gain strength in her feet and legs.

    Thank you for Sharing ~ Margaret

    1. Hi Margaret

      That is great to know. Please check in regularly as I will be posting more and hopefully some posts might help you with your grandbaby.
      A walking ring, in my opinion, is the number one must have for a baby’s development. Check out the link to a great and highly recommended one.

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