Natural Curve Nursing Pillow Review

Your baby is growing every day and each time you have to breast feed your hand goes numb. I can personally attest to those pins and needles or no feeling at all. Since i favor my left hand over my right, I stick it out till the end instead of switching and distracting the baby.

The Natural Curve Nursing Pillow is a great help in times like those for the reasons below

  1. Your baby is absolutely comfortable and it puts him/her in a relaxed position. This is a benefit to your baby and yourself, everything goes much better when your baby is happy and comfortable and most importantly when you are breast feeding. Those little jaws can be strong.
  2. The pillow is firm. It doesn’t need constant buffing up or adding pillows underneath it. Otherwise, you could just use about ten pillows.
  3. You can use it in many ways, whichever is comfortable for you and your baby. It is also great for tummy time or as a support for your baby when he/she is playing on the floor.
  4. It has a handle. A handle always comes in handy and make things convenient when you are trying to juggle your grocery bags, baby bag and laptop bag all at once.
  5. It keeps your baby close to you creating those special bonding moments and helps keep eye contact with your baby because of the positioning. Body-to-body and eye contact between you and your baby creates a lasting connecting and helps your baby feel loved and cared for. These emotions are important for your baby’s well-being.
  6. The Natural Curve Nursing Pillow also helps prevents slouching which in turn helps with your back minimizing back pain.

In my opinion, the nursing pillow is a great place to start and helps in so many ways that is beneficial to you. You can use it as many times as you need for as many children that you have or might want to have. It has excellent quality and is true to its word.

I hope my review helped in any way possible and if you have any questions or would like to leave a review, please comment below.

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