Natural Remedies for a Teething Baby – DIY at Home

Teething babies are no fun and it is especially no fun when you have your baby chugging medicine that you are not totally informed about. You do not REALLY know what is in there and what the long term effects can be on your baby. My grandfather always loved to say, “Prevention is better than cure”.

Although, most doctors know what they’re doing there is no harm in trying natural home remedies for a teething baby first. Here are a few that you can try on your baby to alleviate the pain.

1. Everything cold

Instinct gets you running to the freezer for an ice pack every time you or your child gets hurt. Please don’t try to fit an ice pack into your baby’s mouth.

Instead, you can have your baby suck on an ice Popsicle, I know you’re thinking “she did say natural but popsicles are mostly ice, food coloring, and some sugar I guess” (I do not really know, I haven’t been a fan of popsicles). What I do know, is that you can make your own Popsicle or Smoothie and freeze it. You and you baby will absolutely love it. Try making popsicles out of fruits.

My personal favorite is a mixed berry smoothie. We decided to go smoothie crazy one day and got our blender out. We added blueberries, raspberries, banana, and some watermelon (sounds a bit weird and could be yucky tasting right but the kids were doing it so I let it slide). It actually turned out pretty good.

Another thing you can do is feed your baby frozen veggies through a mesh feeder which is totally safe and prevents your baby from choking on veggie chunks. Its merely just acting as something cold for your baby to chew on. You could consider it an organic Teether.

Consider chucking a few of your baby’s pacifiers in the freezer to use whenever the pain is almost unbearable. Your baby will appreciate a frozen pacifier to chew on since they’re chewing on them anyway. It keeps baby quiet and relieves him/her off the crazy pain associated with teething.

2. Anti-inflammatory Food – Putting the Fire Out.

Pain in a certain part of your body basically means that part is on fire. Fortunately, we have discovered foods that have anti-inflammatory properties.

From what I can personally vouch for turmeric works like a bomb. FOR EVERYTHING. Turmeric is phenomenal when it comes to relieving pain anywhere and your baby might not like the taste but he/she will be thankful

Mix some turmeric with water to form a paste and rub it on your baby’s gums.

You can also do this using ginger which works great for calming your baby’s nerve endings within the gums. Having your baby chew on some ginger or gently rubbing it on the gums will help too.

3. Baby Spa

Everyone loves a good shower or relaxing bath, massages – heck, we even pay for them, and immense relaxation.

Your baby loves it too. Put your baby in a warm bath with bubbles and his/her favorite toys. Just the fact that your baby is in warm water is good enough. It will take his/her mind off the stresses and pain of teething.

After your baby is done in the bath, treat him/her to a full body massage and make use of some relaxing essential oils. Massage your baby all over, trust me babies love massages. Fun fact: I am Indian so I basically really only know what happens in an Indian household and a major part of baby’s bath time is massaging your baby and kind of doing mini stretches for your baby. It almost looks like they could fall asleep in the midst of it.

Face time giggles
are always fun, especially for the parents. It gives you extra time to focus on making your baby laugh while working on the “knots” in your baby’s face. Massage your baby’s face, working from the temples down to the lower jaw and be sure to make funny faces and voices in the process. Your baby will enjoy some extra giggles and the gentle massage will help with the pain.

Anything involving pain is tricky and teething ranks high on the list. It is definitely stressful for all parties and the good news is it is temporary. There are many routes you can take to alleviate pain and help your baby cope with the teething process. Thank goodness for mother nature providing us with natural remedies for a teething baby and most of these remedies are inexpensive so no excuses mommy and daddy. It will be over soon, hang in there.



4 Replies to “Natural Remedies for a Teething Baby – DIY at Home”

  1. Hi, Kimone.

    My baby is close to 4 years-old. All the details in your article remind me of what my wife and I went through 3 years ago. I still remember the facial expressions of my daughter when she had teething pain. All we did at that time was applying teeth pain gel on her teeth. What you explained in this article makes perfect sense to me.

    First, Ice popsicle is a great idea. I never thought of it. If we can go back to 3 years ago, we will definitely make some healthy popsicle for her. Some other remedies such as warm bath and massaging should be also highly beneficial for teething pain. Especially, massaging has additional benefit. It is an intimate body communication and an expression of love between baby and their parents. Face time giggles is also a great way of showing parental love.

    I really enjoyed reading this article, and I smiled a lot while reading it. Thank you for providing many great tips.

    1. Hey Jason.

      You got her through it and that’s what counts. Thank you for reading and commenting, it is always great reading about other experiences and learning from them as well. P.S. You could always use these tips on the next little one.

  2. Very nice informative article. I’m not a fan of taking medicine for everything when a lot of problems can be helped by all natural foods with medicinal benefits.
    My wife and I plan to have a baby soon so hopefully we will and I can put some of this information to use.
    Thank you,

    1. Hi Billy.

      Natural is definitely the best way no matter which way you look at it. I wish you and your wife the best, please do come back as I will be adding new material and hopefully we will be reading your experiences soon. I am happy to help with any questions you may have at the time.

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