Reusable Absorbent Training Underwear Review

Pull-ups are great and convenient, much easier to put on when you have to change your toddler in a public restroom. However, pull-ups sort of make your toddler feel like he/she is still using a diaper and finds it better to just go in his/her pull-up instead of using the potty. There is a significant decrease in the mess when compared to normal underwear and I found that pull-ups really did not help when potty training. What if there was an inbetweener. Something in between pull-ups and actual underwear? There is.

Reusable Absorbent Underwear.

The title says it all. Reusable absorbent underwear is great because it feels like actual underwear and at the same time minimizing the mess involved.

Your toddler realizes he is actually wearing underwear and need to run to the potty, what he doesn’t know that you do is that the underwear protects from any accidents. You will be thankful that there is nothing dripping down his/her legs into the shoes and overflowing onto the floor. Also been there.

Because of the material used it still allows your toddler to feel the wetness and thus causing him/her to feel uncomfortable. The best part is that it is REUSABLE. Does that turn on any light bulbs? You get to save loads from not buying pull-ups.

My review

For these reasons, I found the training underwear to be great. My toddler thought he was wearing underwear like a big boy (which technically he was, we could call it an underwear with super powers) and found it super easy to handle by himself. It encouraged him to use the potty regularly by the uncomfortable wetness, see the difference he felt between the pull-up and the reusable underwear was that with pull-ups it was all warm and mooshy and this wasn’t the case with the underwear. It helped me out big time because it was absorbent so I got to cleaning controlled messes instead of messes all over the floor and footprints that was not from water. I dreaded normal underwear because, I knew I would be spending my day cleaning and this was frustrating. Thanks to the training underwear, we are comfortable handing him his regular underwear.

My only con for the underwear is that it has fun colors but not as much as I would like to choose from.

I hope my review helped you and if you have any questions please leave a comment below.


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